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What makes #ILoveGay PopUp unique is that it's a networking event that focuses on LGBTQ+ connections many of us have made online, especially on LinkedIn. This is our opportunity to connect with folks you may not have met before at a networking event. I think we can all agree that our online connections and how we stay in touch, including video, has changed dramatically since 2020. This event is both a reflection and a celebration of these changes... we don't need to spend as much time catching one another up on what we've been up to and what we're doing, work-wise and otherwise. We already know! #ILoveGay PopUp allows us to take those online connections and conversations further, as there really is no substitute for mixing, mingling and networking in the real world in 2023.

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Our Upcoming Event Schedule

September 15, 2023 - London, UK
ATTENTION: All of our London friends, colleagues and social media connections!

#ILoveGay PopUp - Colours Hoxton in London: September 15, 5:30 - 7:00 pm
We wanted to take this time to invite you to our upcoming Meet & Greet reception, #ILoveGay PopUp, brought to you by Pink Media and #ILoveGay London.

We've connected with most of you online in some way, shape or form... probably via Twitter or LinkedIn. This event is simply our way of putting a face to the name, while allowing us to get to know you all a bit better.

So please join us for a wonderful evening, connecting with us and others in our LGBTQ+ business world. This event is a simple affair... it's a no-host, cash bar with space provided to us by Colours Hoxton.

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